Hunter S. Thompson dead at 67

February 22, 2005      gonzo   headlines  

Sad but true. HST shot himself at his fortified compound in Woody Creek.

Thompson had a huge effect on me. Not that I espoused his abuse of chemicals and of his body. But his way of writing - using brutal imagery to underscore great insight in a way that no one would dare argue with the logic. During his prime he surely stomped the terra. The Gonzo ethic also rung true for my own work in technology - the sudden bursts of creativity, often at the last minute … a blinding explosion of activity. Knowing that someone else out there worked in the same bizarre way as I did was, at least, a comfort.

For almost 20 years, the one thing I have taken on every long airline flight was my copy of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” I must have read it 100 times by now, but never get tired of the tale, or the way it is told.

Mahalo, Hunter.