Don't raise the bridge, lower the water.

September 15, 2005      politics   screeds  

In response to Katrina messing up oil production, there’s now a push for legislation to raise the average miles per gallon for cars sold in the US. This is being held up by congress as something that will benefit The People … who are “sick of high gas prices.”

Which sounds good on the surface. More efficient cars means we use less gas and spend less. But …

The oil companies will keep their same fat profit margins. If anything, they can just raise prices if demand should go down. Who ends up paying for this “saving?” Well, we do. We pay for more expensive cars which are more efficient. In fact, we pay for the retooling to design and produce these cars as well as those costs will be reflected in the prices for cars which are released in the interim.

Rather than sticking the American consumer again, why not have some legislation forcing the oil companies to have some percentage of their production be comprised of something other than petroleum? Germany in World War II ran their war machine quite well with a healthy mix of synthetic oil products. It could be done 60 years ago, so why not now?

Stop protecting the damn oil companies. It’s bad enough we have people dying in Iraq on their behalf. Meanwhile two airlines are likely to file for bankruptcy as a result of the oil prices. But that’s just the “free market,” right? Yeah - right. Some number of decades down the pike the real facts about what this administration pulled will ooze out of the archives and there will be many a fire set in Crawford that night, sonny.