Mel Gibson - The Year of Living Stupidly

August 3, 2006      headlines   politics  

For starters, I think Mel Gibson has done some great movies. Not just as an actor, but as producer and director as well. “Braveheart” and “We Were Soldiers” come to mind.

But when he did “The Passion” and then he and his dad went on this anti-semitic rant about how the Holocaust was exaggerated, well, I lost interest in ole Mel as an actor and as a human being. I’m old enough to have met people who had those tattoos that the Nazi’s put on people in the camps. I know it was real. And for him and his father to purport otherwise, especially in order to promote his rather biased film, is really sick.

And then this week he gets blitzed (no pun intended) and pulled over for drunk driving. During the arrest he mouths off and insults the officer, and everyone else involved … and goes on a nice little rant about the “F*cking Jews”. So now any doubt about his motivations in how “The Passion” ended up are gone. He’s a bigot. Case closed.

Which would be bad enough, but Lordy, can you get any dumber than this? Here’s a guy who positively thrived in Hollywood … where “the Jews run everything”, right? So if they do, they must love his ass.

Next, Gibson is a guy who clearly has spent some time studying history. Many of his films are historically themed. The two I mentioned before are prime examples. So how, then, can he be so ignorant of the history of the Jewish people … and why and how Israel came into being. Just who wrote the history books he’s been reading?

So now poor Mel is going into rehab to deal with his “battle with alcoholism.” Now, here’s where things get really curious. On one hand anti-semites like Gibson are always ranting about how the Jews control the media. Yet the media reporting of this event largely glosses over his bigotry as excusable due to his being a drunk. If anything, the media is now the tool of the White House (and it’s view of who The Right People in America are … and if you ain’t pasty white and go to Church and are straight like George Patton, you ain’t in the club). But politics aside, Gibson’s drunkeness doesn’t excuse his racism, it only exposed it.

Frankly, I don’t think rehab is what Gibson needs. I actually think he’s a salvagable human being. What he needs is a trip to Israel. Spend a week talking to people who survived The Camps in World War II. He needs to be educated about just what the hell has been going on the last few thousand damn years.