01 July 2022

2022 Site Relaunch

Everything old is new again ...

Hard to believe it’s been over four years since I worked on GonZoville. Time flies when you’re having fun. Not that that applies in this case. I figured it was time to refresh the site, get rid of some old content that doesn’t fit the site anymore, and add a few things to support projects I have in the works. Ye Olde Cross-Site Promotion Grift, ya know.

One project is a book I’ve been working on for a couple of years on the Tech Industry called “Different Things Vary”. It’s not a “how to be a coder” kind of book, it’s more like “how to exist in this industry”. All the things no one teaches you in college and you have to learn the hard way. If you learn them at all.

Next I’ve assembled an ample number of t-shirt designs and have a merch shop running over on Teepublic. But some designs get banned, and some I don’t even try to put there because I know they’ll get banned. So I’m mirroring the content from Teepublic here on the site, as well as showing such “inflammatory” designs.

And there’s multiple coding projects I have in the works which I’ll start talkin about here when I start getting close to a milestone of one kind of another.

For those into technology, GonZoville is built on Jekyll, hosted on CloudCannon, and the new theme is based on TailwindCSS. For a long while I ran the site on WordPress, but the work of keeping the core code and all the plugins and themes current was more than I wanted to deal with for a site I rarely updated more than once a week.